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Jody Watley Pays Tribute to Don Cornelius

don cornelius and jody watley radiofacts represents an incredible and unparalleled legacy in television, music and dance that will live on forever. Don and shined a bright and historic light for our culture.    A true , icon, legend and in every sense; his impact on black pride and in youth like myself was immeasurable during the peak of in the 70?s. Don created, built and opened a door of , hope and opportunity for street dancers and artists to walk through ““ especially me as my career has always been intertwined with the show because it’s where I got my start. It’s incredible to know he started the show in Chicago with just $400.00 of his own money. What many don’t know is that my father and knew each other as they were on the AM airwaves in Chicago at the same time when I was a baby; my father doing Gospel and as a part-time news announcer.   I didn’t learn the connection until after I was a on the show. In essence was already in the fabric of my life before our paths would eventually line-up. Like most in the 70?s Soul Train gave my friends and I something to look forward to on Saturday and to talk about at school on Monday.   If you wanted to know what was cool in style, the latest dances or to see new and established artists ““ you watched Soul Train and lived to see the Soul . As a dancer on the show, you lived to come down the line. Whether rocking afros or flamboyant fashions; it was with pride as it was framed in a positive light also evidenced in the ads tailored for the show. I thank God for Don.   Millions of us lived for Soul Train helping to make it the longest syndicated music in history. Soul Train was a vehicle of exposure for in music when all other doors remained (and to a degree remain) closed. If you made it on Soul Train, you’d arrived. As I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world as an artist ““ I’ve seen how far and wide the reach was. The last time I saw him was at The GRAMMY Museum in 2010 for the 40th Anniversary of Soul Train. I reminded him again how much I appreciated him and how thankful I was.

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