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Every person, at some point, has aspirations of accomplishing all their goals in life. Only a certain few get the opportunity to achieve those goals and take them to the next level. For Johantz Wilson, those goals were always at arm’s length with the grace of God on his side. The blessing of fulfilling his dreams to be a , producer, and a successful CEO of a record label all started at an early age.

Growing up as a young boy in his native Africa, Johantz had his heart settled in the sounds of . At the age of five, he cleverly crafted a fictitious turntable set out of Styrofoam and bamboo sticks. When his family decided to move to the , Johantz soon came to realize, like others, his dreams were not far from reality.

Living in a diverse country of opportunity gave Johantz an opportunity to experience a wide of music. Being heavily influenced by the Hip-Hop scene and culture, Johantz set out to accomplish his goals. He took on the moniker of DJ LaSmouve. The DJ that was so “smooth” on the wheels of steel displayed his talents at local parties and showcases. Eventually, 1986
he collaborated with a couple of friends to form a Rap group known as Smooth Concepts.

Smooth Concept was one of the few urban groups from Bridgeport, CT besides the Skinny Boys, that actually had an opportunity to perform with celebrity acts such as Nikki D, McLyte, , and just to name a few. Smooth Concept’s dwelled in the smooth productions created by Johantz “LaSmouve” Wilson. Introducing the unique blend of diverse sounds and beats along with catchy rhymes and hooks gave Johantz that voice to proceed step up to the next level.

In 1990, Johantz founded a production company titled LaSmouve Productions, and over the years has worked alongside some of the best known in the industry. He has generated hits and tracks for independent local acts and major recording groups such as Justice Family Entertainment’s Big Nugz (formerly Nuggie-J), Warner Brothers’ Phajja, and Atlantic Records’ Terror Squad, Cuban , Fat , and .

It doesn’t stop there for Johantz. Along with the LaSmouve Production Company, Johantz has also founded LaSmouve Records and plans to introduce his album “The Muzik Iz In Me.” Even with a full pipeline of future projects, this producer, CEO and family man still finds the time to create tracks and extend his hand out to those who need that smooth touch.

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