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Industry Vet Skip Miller has Died

skip miller radiofactsAnother great industry veteran has passed. Alvin “Skip” Miller, 61, died yesterday (Friday) of a heart attack while in the hospital at Cedars Sinai Hospital. Miller was most recently running his own company Pand a Entertainment Group which is a talent management company specializing in artist development, music consulting and production. Miller is the former president of Motown Record Corporation and exec VP at RCA Records Label. In lieu of flowers the family requests donations be made to Project Angel Food or the Department of Neurosurgery and Neurosurgical Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center headed by Dr. Keith Black at www.cedars-sinai.edu

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  1. My heartfelt condolences to KC and the boys. I feel so fortunate to have been blessed to know Skip, he was always there for anyone at anytime.
    He was kind and gentle and always made me feel special whenever we spoke.
    I will treasure my memories I have of him.

  2. Skip was a very dear friend of my family as well- My father Paul Gallis (Mid-West Independent record promoter) called me yesterday morning with the sad news. He was very shaken by the news. Skip also gave me my first promotion gig in Chicago in the late 80’s doing CHR tracking for Motown as well. Business played second as he was one of the greats and was a very caring and kind individual. To say he will be missed is an understatement. R.I.P. Skip it will be along time before you will be forgotten-
    Jimmy Gallis

  3. Billy, we just lost a very close friend, a very important friend who gave us our chance and took a chance on us, The Vice President of BMG/RCA Urban Division, Skip Miller, if you can please please add to the second page, some text that reads,
    this is the page
    Move it higher towards the top so the text will fit

    The Journey to the Grammys

    Written by
    Bobby Avila
    Inspired by many friends and family

    In Dedication

    I dedicate this book to a man who was part of our success, who took a chance and stepped out believing in us, even though the odds were against us, Angela Bibbs, Skips assistant also a believer, sent Skip Miller our tape to New York, Skip loved our music and wanted to sign us, my partner Lee Silver and Bobby Jr. and I walked into BMG/RCA to see Skip, Angela Bibbs greeted us and said Skip is expecting you, we all walked into his office, he was on the phone speaking to someone with his back facing us and turned around and told the person he was speaking too, said hold on, Skip said, do I have an appointment with you, I responded, yes, Skip said who are you, then I knew Angela didn’t send the picture along with the tape, I said this is Lee Silver my partner, Bobby Ross Avila Jr. I’m Bobby Sr., he looked at us with those big green eyes with a surprised look on his face and said I thought you were black, I said is that a problem, with a trembling voice, he said, well no and then a big smile came about and said I want to sign Bobby Jr., so we signed a production deal with BMG/RCA urban division, Skip saw talent and change and it started with him, he gave this Latino family a chance of a life time, he made the difference, even though we alway didn’t agree, I respected a wonderful and gracious man who was willing to take it to the next level, I will alway remember the intelligent tall man that had the big smile and the green eyes, that looked at you with ambition and promise and yes Skip Miller, you did have a part in my sons success and being awarded Grammies and where they are today. God Bless You and thank you so much Skip, I know in my heart the Lord God gave you your Grammy, job well done Skip.

    From the Avila Family, you will be deeply missed

    In Memory
    Urban Division
    VP Skip Miller

    Place picture here, please

  4. Dominic and family,
    I just heard about the loss of your Dad. My thoughts are with you.
    I am so very sorry for your loss!

  5. My heartfelt condolences to K.C. and the family. Skip was the first guy I went to lunch with on my first day at work at 1580 KDAY/L.A. At that time, I was blown away to physically be at the legendary Motown Records in Hollywood. However, the really special thing was to meet Skip Miller, as I grew to understand as time passed. Skip was the same guy the last time we spoke, about six months ago, as the first time we met 35 years ago. He always took my calls and gave me his support over the years. As it happens, mine was the main commercial voice of Motown for three decades because of Skip’s support, including being the voice – along with Smokey Robinson – of “Motown 25” back in 1984. There’s more to tell. And, of course this is sad news to me. But, I consider myself richer for having known him. Skip Miller was truly one of the good guys.

  6. My deepest condolences to K.C and the family.

    Skip Miller and Miller London taught me everything I know about the music/entertainment industry, and business in general. I was hired at Motown Records with no experience at the tender age of 19 years old. Skip never set boundaries and allowed all of us (who were very young) to jump in and learn as much as we wanted to learn, and take on job responsibilities that only executives were allowed to do at other record labels.

    What I learned from Skip I could have never learned in College. He was a great teacher, mentor, and friend not only to me but to so many in the entertainment industry.

    At Motown Records in 1979 through the 80’s we were one big family with one vision, not business associates with our own agendas. Releasing hit, after hit, after hit, with marketing, promotion and sales strategies that resulted in multi platinum album sales.

    All of the Motown releases that you heard on the radio during that time were chosen by myself, Angela, Adrian, Benny, and Kerry (the youngest part of the Motown team). Skip would call all of us in his office and ask us to pick the first three single releases from each album before releasing them to radio stations around the world. Everything that came out of Motown during that time period was chosen by a group of teens and young adults that knew good music and what would sale. Skip knew that we had good ears and trusted that we would come back to him with hit singles.

    Working at Motown Records with Skip was a very special time in my life that I will never forget. Simply the best life and work experience ever, and memories that will stay with me for a life time.

    I am sad but very thankful to have known, worked and learned from the best.

    Thank you Skip…. You will be missed.

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