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Law #43456 Butt Sniffing in Public (vid)

1221200963151PMFiled Under: Is this one of (fill in this space with a radio corporation) overpaid and dated corporate employees satisfying a job description? (can’t stop laughing)

Most people have a lot to do during the day, taking the kids to school, paying bills, going to a job they hate and just a whole slew of sh… each day in and day out just to go to bed and repeat the process all over again the next day. This man spends his time smelling people’s asses in retail stores. Is that a job? I would lean on the side of no, but it’s funny as hell. It would appear the victim would know something was going on. I mean, wouldn’t you know if somebody was smelling your ass?   Could you imagine if you turned the corner saw some sh… like this taking place while you were shopping? How in the hell would you tell the manager? “There’s a man in aisle 8 sniffing the stock boys ass?” (laugh). Police are looking for Mr. Pervert after the incident was taped on store cameras and obviously released to the public. The ass sniffer is probably a Republican opposed to Health Care Reform or worse a church representative of some kind… YIKES…

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