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Hybrid-Labels Poised to Capitalize on Revolutionizing Music industry


With the extensive reliance of the on streaming’s profitability, artists and streaming companies have more industry clout than ever. This new landscape has produced a large number of effects, from rappers getting unheard of contracts to streaming giants like Spotify allowing artists to bypass entirely in distribution.

In this new landscape, new ‘label hybrids’ are seeking to capitalize on these trends, carving out niches for themselves in a landscape long dominated by major monopolies. These new endeavors blur the traditional lines between publisher, distributor, royalty accountant, and other functions in order to promise a more flexible alternative to the traditional model.

, for example, has taken this kind of model in international markets, securing higher revenue shares for clients and strong market shares in Latin American countries. Emmanuel Zunz, CEO and founder of , markets itself as a more cooperative partner with artists minus the bureaucratic ties that characterize older artist-label models:

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