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Harris Poll Reveals Happiest Cities

Dallas_Skyline_01A recent Harris Poll showed that 33% of Americans are very happy, and explored the many factors which may play into Americans’ happiness, including age, gender and race/ethnicity. Now, findings using Harris Interactive‘s new Harris Poll Major Market Query survey confirm that location (…, location, location, as real estate agents have been saying for years) can also have a strong relationship with overall happiness.

According to the Harris Poll Happiness Index, which uses a series of questions to calculate Americans’ overall happiness, Americans in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX region more likely than those in any of America’s other top markets to qualify as “very happy” (with 38% qualifying as such, vs. a 10-market average of 33%); Americans in the San Francisco, CA market are least happy of the 10 areas measured, with only 28% of its residents qualifying as “very happy.”
These are among the findings of a Harris Poll of 2,101 U.S. adults, ages 18 and older and living in the top 10 American markets by population (roughly 200 per market), surveyed online between July 24 and 30, 2013 by Harris Interactive. The study utilized the MMQ platform, an omnibus survey offering a sample of the 10 top major metropolitan areas of the United States. (Full results, including data tables, can be found here)
Regional highs and lows
Aggregate scores aside, in reality most areas display strengths and weaknesses when looking at individual aspects of how its residents reflect on their lives. Looking at cities individually, from most to least “happy”: (TO SEE THE TOP 10 RANKING CLICK NEXT)

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