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What to do if You Get Pulled Over By the Police

Getting-Pulled-OverUSA.gov sent out a explaining what to do if you get pulled over by the police. I personally though the info given in the press release was simple but effective. This may actually save someone’s life if you know what I mean. I have personally had instances where the situation played out exactly as written in the rules below but I have also had other incidents where I did my part but the had there own idea of what the law should be. Read the rules and let us know what you think.

Most people are responsible, law-abiding drivers that follow the rules of the road. But sometimes, even the best drivers can make a mistake that could get them pulled over. Because people aren’t sure what to do if they get stopped by an officer, it could make them nervous and confused if it does happen. The following recommendations should help drivers react properly if they get pulled over:

pulled-over1. Pull the car to a safe place. As soon as you hear sirens or see patrol lights flashing, carefully pull your car over to the right side of the road. Stop when you find a spot that’s safe for you and other drivers. If you get stopped at night, put on your hazard lights.

Getting-Pulled-Over2. Remain calm. Don’t get nervous, and if you have passengers with you, ask them to keep quiet so you can have clear communication with the officer.

police_car_at_night-261185122_std3. Stay inside your vehicle. Roll the window down and wait for further instructions from the police. If it’s dark, turn on the interior lights so that the officer can see what’s inside your car.

angry_driver4. Keep your hands visible. Place your hands on the steering wheel where the officer can see them; avoid any sudden or suspicious movement.

Pictures-Channing-Tatum-Being-Pulled-Over-Cop-Getting-Traffic-Ticket5. Hand over the documents you’re asked to present. When the police asks for your license, registration and insurance, tell them where those items are located before reaching for them. It’s a good idea to keep all your paperwork where it can be easily accessed.

you-have-the-right-to-remain-silent-though-as-a-toddler-i-doubt-youll-use-it-292446. Communicate. Police officers are obligated to explain why they’ve pulled you over. If you don’t agree, it’s OK to express it. If you get a ticket, you can defend yourself at your given date.
If the police officer did not act professionally, ask for his or her name, badge number and license plate. You can report complaints and suspicious activity to the officer’s or police headquarters.


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Anonymous September 19, 2013 at 6:54 am

Whereas these rules are common sense, be careful with number 4. First of all turning on your interior lights is an invitation to have your 4th Amendments rights violated and your vehicle searched. Even though you may be totally innocent of any wrong doing, there have been far to many times over zealous police officers will create a situation. A Police officer is supposed to be concentrating on you, getting your information and informing you why you were pulled over. The more questions you answer, the more questions you’ll be made to answer. Unless there has been a crime committed in the area and this is a Police check point, use the military rule so to speak, name, rank and serial number so to speak. In other words, be courteous and provide your license, registration and insurance. If you have a lawyer and you feel the officer is being more of a problem than law enforcement, excuse yourself from the conversation, and inform the officer, you’re going to use your cell phone and tell him you’re calling your lawyer and let your lawyer speak to him. Once you inform the officer you’re contacting your lawyer, he or she must cease.


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