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Frank Ski Talks to Radiofacts.com

Frank SkiYesterday was an amazing news day for industry vet . I’ve known Frank for quite some time and I knew V103 had it’s share of changes but I didn’t expect him to resign. He announced that he was leaving V103 after 14 years of service on the air yesterday. Radio Facts got to speak to Frank last night as he was on his way out and I was about to take a final so both of our times was limited.   Perhaps the whole situation sounds strange to many, leaving without any prospects, but I fully get and comprehend on what Frank is saying. We asked him the questions we knew were on the minds of our readers…. Let me state that CBS Radio gets pretty high rankings from our radio pros and readers, it’s the corporation that we hear the LEAST complaints about. I just wanted to state that in all fairness and I don’t really see a complaint against them here either.   Hopefully this interview will clear up a few things…

KEVIN ROSS: Frank, I’m sure you know many in the industry are scratching their heads and asking how you could leave a GREAT with no prospects in this industry and in this horrific radio gig economy? What gives?

FRANK SKI: You know Kev, this is not something that I have not been thinking about for a long time. I actually started thinking about it during my last contract five years ago. I wanted to be syndicated at this point and CBS could not make it happen.

KR: When you approached them, had you already decided what you were going to do if they said no?

FS: Yes, I knew I had to make a move and I had to do it on faith. Look at Ryan Seacrest… he was in here in Atlanta on the air when I started here and look at him now. Who would have imagined. I feel that I should be able to advance in my career too.

KR: Yes…but Ryan Seacrest is white?

FS: Yes I know that but that’s the problem and I know you can understand this because I read your site all the time. Black men in radio are always considered one-dimensional. It’s either that he does Urban AC or Urban or he’s a DJ or he’s an Urban PD. Why can’t we be a host of an international TV show or something greater?

KR: Well, yes, I absolutely agree, and this is a conversation I CONSTANTLY have with many programmers and Radio people.   To that end, it is most unfortunate that our own perceptions are often clouded with what others in the industry (or even in our own community) surmise us to be. Blacks are not in a lot of high-ranking positions in entertainment I get that but to leave under these circumstances, considering that must have been a VERY difficult decision to make.

FS: It was, I was very nervous. Half of me wanted them (CBS Radio) to say no and the other half of me wanted them to say yes. I knew if they said no I had to step up to the plate and I’m not sure even they thought I would go through with it. Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner are friends of mine and I have the greatest respect for them Kev but Steve, Tom, Rickey Smiley, Yolanda Adams are all in the market and the Frank and Wanda show was still beating them. Why shouldn’t our show be considered for syndication too?

KR: You know Frank, truth be told Rickey, Steve and Yolanda are not veteran radio pros like we are. That’s not taking away from their ability to do a show but they didn’t pay the dues. It’s almost as if they are blessed and we are cursed for being trained. That’s what had me so bitter a few years back about syndication. We did all the hard work and they reap the benefits. Then I realized it’s a business and perhaps I made the wrong decision to enter it. Perhaps your experience is what hurts your chances. So are you leaving Atlanta?

FS: No

KR: Isn’t your house up for sale?

FS: Yes but I had already purchased another home to be closer to my kids’ school. The drive was over an hour for my wife each way each day and it was too inconvenient. I’m not leaving Atlanta.

KR: Are you and Wanda going to work together in the near future?

FS: I can’t say, it depends on what the future holds.

KR: Is your restaurant still open?

FS: Yes and business is great.

KR: Any final thoughts for this interview?

FS: Yes, just because things are going great doesn’t mean we should be comfortable. When we get comfortable we don’t progress and time passes and we may never realize our dreams. Sometimes you have to step out on faith to open the doors to what’s in store for you and to prepare yourself for the opportunity. I’ve gotten a lot of calls and I’m deciding what’s next for now. Thanks to you and your readers for your support


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  1. I was hoping that Frank Ski had left on his own terms. I always wondered why he was not syndicated. I too have respect for those mentioned in the article that have syndicated programs. But they are not what I call industry vets that have paid their dues of working in small markets and working their way up to hosting a program heard by thousands of people.

    It’s a shame Frank has to do it this way, but I wish him well. I hope to one day catch his syndicated program.

  2. I know Frank thinks he should be syndicated because he consistently beat out other syndicated shows in his own backyard.

    But Tom Joyner, Ricky Smiley, and Steve Harvey are national names you know already. I’ve travel across the country all the time. You think Frank Ski can come in to the L.A. market and beat out Tom Joyner. I don’t think so. You really believe Ski can go down to Dallas and take on Ricky in his own backyard. Not going to happen. CBS knows this to be true. What Frank should have done, got on a platform, movies, television etc.., where he could gain exposure to a National audience, Then approach CBS about Syndication.

    I wouldn’t play the race card here because other Black Americans have succeeded.
    To blame race at this point sounds like a excuse. The Two Stews in Sports are Syndicated. With the internet no excuse not to be Global.

    I listen to Frank and Wanda on occassion, and to be honest, there is nothing special about it. He should have added a comedic presence to his show. Steve, Rickey those are some seriously funny guys. Tom added a comedian as a co-host, very smart move.

    With all these so called Famous people here in Atlanta, Ski should have added someone already nationally known and very entertaining.

    Sometimes these radio guys think because the are nationally known by people in the entertainment business that it translates to popularity with the national general public. This is far from the truth. Nobody on the streets outside of Atlanta has heard of Frank and Wanda.

    In summary Frank should have crafted the show to be a nationally syndicated show while still broadcasting in Atlanta.. Then took it nation wide.

    • Mr. Atl… you make some very good points I will say you don’t have to play the race card here to tell the truth. Ryan Seacrest started out a decade after Wendy Williams and he’s about 15 years younger but the opportunities and income for him make her income, contributions and opportunities look like a bad joke. There is racism in entertainment including radio and that’s just the way it is. Does that mean blacks and minorities can’t succeed? No, we just have to come to the table with a much bigger platform and audience.
      Editor/Radio Facts

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