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Envision Networks Voice Junkies Debuts New Voices


To keep up with the growing success of , more voices have been added to the service from ®.Voice Junkies offers a wide variety of female and male voices calling in to radio shows with timely and topical conversation starters.

The voices are fresh, relatable and thought-provoking, giving listeners the chance to engage with your show. All affiliate usage is strictly confidential.

“Voice Junkies allows stations to utilize a wide variety of available “callers” without having to worry about the content being strong enough,” said Envision Networks’ . “The station can supply the talent with a script or the talent can come up with their own story, saving stations time and eliminating the hassle.”

Voice Junkies offers everything you need to engage listeners

The service also provides professional voices offering characters and celebrity impersonators along with pre-written scripts for use as topic starters, phone scams, parodies and more.

Stations receive one free topic starter voice with just a few clicks

Visit voicejunkies.com, click on the Topic Starter Voices menu tab, listen to the samples of our everyday real voices and fill out the short form at the bottom of the page to try it out.

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