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Emmis Communcations introduces NextRadio App for…

 width= (Nasdaq: EMMS) is building on the momentum of its successful TagStation ® product and introducing NextRadioâ„¢, the receiver application for FM and HD Radio enabled smartphones.

NextRadioâ„¢ is being marketed to the wireless industry as an app that represents the best over-the-air radio listening experience on the smartphone. The product, specific to local FM and HD Radio, allows to listen to local radio without using their data plan for pure internet streaming.

“NextRadioâ„¢ leverages the efficiency and scalability of broadcast radio enhanced by the phone’s data channel to deliver an interactive artist and ad experience,” said Paul Brenner, Chief Technology Officer with Emmis Communications. “With other features like enhanced synchronous ad types including SMS integration and couponing, song tagging capabilities, and social integration, NextRadioâ„¢ stands out as a truly innovative mobile experience.”

“The wireless industry is responding positively to the innovation TagStation ® and NextRadioâ„¢ combine to deliver,” Brenner continued. “For the radio industry to captivate the imagination of smartphone users and cellular carriers, broadcasters must innovate and deliver a superior and consistent user experience.”

Brenner also pointed out that with NextRadioâ„¢, you can use your phone for news and information during times of emergency. is the most recent example of FM radio being a lifeline to citizens when other communication networks suffer disaster related outages.

NextRadioâ„¢ is in final beta testing preparing for 2013 launch on several smartphones and carrier networks.

Emmis recently completed the sale of its business unit to Marketron, but retains control of TagStation ®, the cloud-based engine that supplies data for the smartphone application and digital dashboards.

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