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OH NO: Doug Banks Show Canned by Citadel at Year's End

 width=Looks like Citadel Networks has finally decided to cut its loses and completely cut ties with the Doug Banks Show at the end of this year. What is going on with this once thriving company? They need some new innovative media think tanks on board. Will someone tell them I am available? Banks affiliation with the network has been since 1995 with his own show then with “Afternoons with Doug and DeDe.” In all honesty, I was surprised the network didn’t cut the show when it was no longer national but this explains why DeDe got on with K104 in Dallas several months back. She saw this train coming and got the hell off the tracks.   The network won’t say it but the ratings are just in the can and I really don’t think it’s Doug’s fault as much as it is the whole syndication market is going to tank in the next couple of years. The hosts are too greedy and SEASONED and stations can’t keep passing up local revenue for out-of-touch hosts…. (in general)

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  1. That’s no surprise, why do you think Dede already got another job? Hell, that show has been garbage for a long time. Citadel should demand a refund!!!!!

  2. please stay i enjoy listening to doug and deedee every evening after work……stay on the air….. thanks from mississippi

  3. man they better not cut that show chicago just got doug and dee back on the air last year, and chicago radio really sucks now and they are the only interesting ppl on the radio in the afternoon besides sam sylk who also just came back to chicago…pretty soon chicago radio markets r gonna b DEAD

  4. Just take a look at the hand witting on the wall. Radio is once again cycling back to local morning shows.

    Cost conscience owners and station managers know that they can get good local talent cheap and not break their bank. Local personalities in other fields will have the best chance of getting on the radio.

    Remember radio personality is now a part-time job.This line of thought applies to all radio formats.

    There are just too many personalities who will work for just about anything just to get on the radio. Plus local radio sounds better. Steve Harvey, Tom Joyner you are next.

  5. I’ve been missing doug and deedee since they got bumbed from the morning slot. I tune in from time to time but micheal basdien have the afternoons on lock. sorry doug and dee dee.

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