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DL Hughley’s new Radio Show Retains Jasmin Sanders, Staff Announced, Skip Cheatham Resurfaces


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D.L. Hughley, after announcing Monday that he will host a nationally syndicated radio show, today announced that Jasmine Sanders and Steve Wilson will be his co-hosts. THE D.L. HUGHLEY SHOW will air weekdays from 3-7pm ET. Famed comedian, actor, host, and television personality Hughley has stated that he’s “very excited to get back to radio and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I think radio fits my sensibility. I want to be fast, I want to be funny, I want to be topical. I want to make people laugh a lot and think a little. Some people want to push the envelope – I want to see if I can singe it a little,” and this team is set to help him keep afternoons moving.

Jasmine Sanders, a popular media personality, has been seen nationwide on bet/Centric is co-host of the network’s show Culturalist. Sanders established herself as a prominent personality on New York’s WWFS 102.7 and also at WBLS hosting the top-rated midday show. bet describes her as being, “…known for her infectious personality and for her knack to make even the most private celebrities feel comfortable. She makes everyone, from listeners to guest feel like their listening to a friend.” As the recipient of various career achievement awards including being named at the top of Girl’s Incorporated’s “Most Influential Women” list.

Steve Wilson is one of America’s fastest rising said, “I’m so excited about joining the Reach Media family and working with DL again….We’re going to be funny, fast and informative – don’t blink.” Steve has appeared on several television shows including, bet’s Comic View, TV One’s The Comedy Spot, Showtime at the Apollo, ABC’s Samantha Who? and Comics Unleashed, Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and VH1’s reality show Let’s Talk about Pep, Headline News Showbiz Tonight. He also was the Co-host of the DL Hughley Original radio Show on 98.7 KISS FM in NYC.

is the Producer of THE D.L. HUGHLEY SHOW. Cheatham, while a talented radio personality, has established himself as a well-respected radio programmer serving as Program Director for number one station K104 in Dallas, TX for a number of years.

Veteran radio programmer Juan D is bringing his talents to THE D.L. HUGHLEY SHOW as Program Director.



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  2. I hate when I can’t put a picture to a voce; now I have and I’m NOT disappointed, Jasmine, you are ALL that!! Now I can sleep well, Thank You

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  4. D.L., I love the radio show. You are a very ‘Exceptional’ human being. Your comedic anecdotes of political and social issues are particularly on point and cutting edge. You are the fastest joke delivering comedian known. You’re like the Sugar Ray Leonard of comedy. Your radio team aren’t too shabby themselves. I’ve been checking out Steve’s comedy on youtube. He is the man. Just ask him. He’d most likely answer you with a stern and confident…”Exactly”. And that Jasmine…That Jasmine has the most beautiful voice I ever heard. It’s infectious, irresistible, and hypnotizing. I love listening to her talk. I’m an aspiring writer…For more than a decade now…And as long as my passion for the craft continues, I’ll continue to aspire within the craft. If it never pans out though, at least I can say that I never gave up. I express the latter to Segway into a sit-com show idea that I’ve been working on for you. It’s sort of a Jerry Seinfeld type thing. You are the star of the show using your name as the title, D.L. or Hughley, as a Comedian who starts each episode with some short stand-up subjects that are what the show’s plots are about. I don’t have it all fleshed out yet, but Steve is George, or maybe Kramer…Steve as Kramer, ironic right. He always has some sort of money making scheme. Oh yeah, he loves dating white women, and you are always trying to hook him up with brown sisters. Jasmine is of course Elaine. She has dating issues as well and can’t quite figure out why all of her dates turn out to be duds. Like I said, I’m just in the early process of the project. If you can take the baton and run with it, I’d love to participate as one of the writers for the show. I have a gang of ideas. Thanks for reading and indulging my brown nosing and shameless plug. Keep up the great work of entertaining and informing the World community. I love ya’ll!

  5. DL,
    I enjoy listening to your show, Your take on current topics, especially pertaining to the Flint water crisis, has been very insightful.

    Recently, I was watching a program on PBS called Natural Wonders. There was a segment on the condor bird. In 1987 it was placed on the preservation list. After watching the show, I found several articles on the cost of the condor recovery program.
    Since 1987, $5 million has been spent annually on this program. To make a long story short, it turns out that many of these birds have lead poisoning. It seems ridiculous to me that $145 million can be spent on birds, but the government is spending far less to help the children of Flint.

    This research is done by a concerned old lady, so please fact check me.

    The care of birds outweigh the care of children in Flint, Michigan?

  6. d l,
    so glad to hear your points and opinion on air. i have just become a fan of 103.9 n.y……………… the talk is refreshing and the music is banging. thank you for bringing the greatest music ever back to the metropolitan area…..i will be there as long as your there.

  7. I agree with Jasmine Sanders concerning the Orlando ordeal. Sometimes, I just wish that you would shut up and listen. You think that you know every damn thing. You remind me of Donald Trump, and that’s an irritating thought.

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