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DeDe McGuire BACK on the Doug Banks Show

doug-banks-afternoon-show-dede-mcguire2We have learned that apparently has worked out her situation URBan radio. The vet is back the as last . We were told by a reliable source that McGuire REFUSED to until she received back . like URBan stepped up to the plate.

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  1. Good now maybe she can leave K104 in the mornings. That show is horrible with Jade always complaining, De De is wack and Skip is cool. The show has no flow since CA and Sam were let go. And where the hell is June Bug and Fly Ty. Never any updates on what is going on with the former team, except when they kissed up to the lovely Nanette Lee.

  2. I sure miss Dede, She is a most worthy asset to the Doug Banks Show and her voice adds a unique flavor of radio vitality and vibrance. Together they compliment each other’s savy and witt on controversial issues over the air in a way that reaches out in a appealing and never boring way to a vast listening audience. We need you back Dede!!

  3. Is Dede coming back to the Doug Banks show? No offense to Doug and Rudy, but that show simply is NOT
    the same without Dede.

  4. Wow, no one knows where DeDe is or why she is no longer on the air? I cannot believe that information has not leaked…

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