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Carter and Sanborn fill in for vacationing Michael Baisden… Should Baisden be Concerned?

 width=How many people reading this would go on vacation from a radio gig and allow former market to hand le the shift while you’re gone? I’m sure not many. I know I would be concerned. Perhaps, Baisden was not aware of it at all.

Instead of moving current staff around to accommodate the vacationing Baisden, used Baisden’s vacation time with the return of Carter and Sanborn this week. … and by the online blogs, and the listeners in the area, all are THRILLED. I thought most syndicated shows were to do the “best of” while the host is on vacation? Maybe not, even so, Mike’s shows are generally date sensitive (I have not heard the show in eons) so that might be difficult to produce.

Time and again in this blog I’ve stated that the novelty of syndicated radio is going to suffer especially on the urban side mostly because the format is dominated with it. Listeners just deserve more. are thrilled at the amount of money these shows bring in and they don’t see problems arising via research and but the same also don’t seem to be interested in their online either. This is a . Many stations, even in major markets, have very low ranking websites. Finally, if you do your own poll and rand omly ask or people on the street if they still listen to radio, you get a mixed reaction. There is a disconnect somewhere.

Just as I predicted with Big Boy’s show almost a year before it happened, I think Michael’s show may be in trouble. I can’t figure out why he has not produced any books recently and /or made bigger appearances outside of the radio circle to keep his name and brand established but there is a problem.   , who is excellent at self promotion (almost to a fault) is currently dominating the urban syndication market with outside projects.   has fallen off a bit. Hopefully Mike will make some immediate changes and tweak some things to change some minds.


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  1. Michael does work on other project. He had a television show on TV One, he also sponser the Jena 6 March, he is currently on a 77 city tour to sign up 100 million mentors. Steve Harvey basically copied Mike on publishing relationship book and talking about relationships, he never did that until Mike did it. Michael was the first male radios host to talk about relationships.

  2. When Michael returns on Monday, I will be turning off ‘DAS again. Hopefully syndicated shows are on their way out or at least will be offered less in an abbreviated time slot. I can’t stand their silliness from afar and how they don’t connect with the local area. Radio in general has gone down the tubes, especially our so-called urban stations, because they only cater to a few in terms of music and talk.

  3. I was excited to hear Carter and Sanborn. I like their personalities and the music they played. BRING THEM BACK! Baisden always plays that 1979 music on my way home so I hardly turn it on. (I was born in 1980) I also can’t turn it on cause I don’t want my daughter listening in on conversations about swingers and threesomes. I ride in the car with her in the evenings. Recently I’ve been listening to Pandora, the internet radio and that’s the best ever.

  4. @ eesh will turn your radio station to the young station. This station is for oldies Im 46 and i don’t want to listen to the music today. Really I sometimes turn it from michael baisden because he plays some music of today that I can’t stand. I wantthe hits from the 70’s and 80’s but this music today is really bad. So eesh turn your dial to the young station and stop trying to make the oldies station a station for today crazy music. You were born in 1979 so that makes you 31 your not that young like a teenager or a young adult anyway. Maybe they should make a 90’s station for you just turn the station ugh

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