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Bryson Tiller’s Sophomore Album True To Self Available Physically Now

Claiming the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart upon its surprise release last month, BRYSON TILLER’s True to Self is now available physically in stores via Trapsoul/RCA Records.

“With the physical packaging of True to Self, Bryson and I wanted to build around a theme that represents his music and gives fans an experience from the moment they see it in stores,” says Chase Ichiki, of #JUSTAREGULARDAY. “We wanted to utilize every component of the album’s packaging from the versatility of a digipak’s panels, the disc art/tray, to the sticker that that goes on top of the package.”

The physical copy of True to Self is fashioned after an old-school film canister, creating a comprehensive storyboard that showcases the experiences and influences behind the project. “It is wrapped in silver mylar with a yellow sticker documenting the run time and other audio specs of the album, mimicking the metal containers film used to be delivered in,” says Ichiki. “Inside you’ll find the CD label art as a carousel tray of photo slides sitting on top of an overhead shot of a slide projector, representing the memories that were the inspiration behind all of the music on this project. As well as the definition of the phrase that titled the album, True to Self.”

The album contains four special unseen , which have been transformed into functioning photo slides with captions from Bryson. Accompanied by a booklet of personal photos shot by Bryson’s photographer Ro.lexx, the physical release gives fans an inside look into the album, further epitomizing the aptly-named title, True to Self. Bryson previews the album’s physical format in an exclusive unveiling video, which can be viewed and downloaded here.

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