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ASCAP’s Nicole George-Middleton Offers Great Advice to Rising Industry Stars


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Nicole George-Middleton is the Senior Vice President, Membership at ASCAP. She’s been with the company for nine years…

by Kevin Ross

An entertainment attorney by trade, Middleton developed an interest in music from her mother who wrote/writes as a hobby. She manages a team in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles and makes sure her team is up to date on every aspect of growing technology to ensure ASCAP songwriters are compensated fairly. Here she offers some often overlooked insight on what it takes to be successful in the entertainment industry along with great advice for Women of Color in Media.

As you are an attorney by trade, did you always have an interest in music?

Yes, I was exposed to music and songwriting at an early age because my mom wrote songs as a hobby (she still does when she has time). So music has always piqued my interest. When I decided to go to law school and was trying to figure out what to specialize in, entertainment—specifically music—made the most sense, because it would provide me an opportunity to work in a field that had always inspired me.

Has your skill as an attorney benefited you in your current position?

I think so. I believe my training as an entertainment attorney gives me deeper insight into the issues songwriters face with respect to music publishing and copyright law as a whole. As a result, I can be a stronger advocate for them.

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