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Are Urban Radio Syndicated Shows in Trouble? Michael Baisden Show Canceled in Philly

Are Urban Radio Syndicated Shows in Trouble? Michael Baisden Show Canceled in Philly

steve harveyOver the last couple of months we’ve seen some interesting things happen with syndicated shows at urban radio. As many of you Radio Facts fans know, we are team local morning shows for urban radio and have always been (unless the show advertises with us at which point we shamelessly change our point of view…)

  • Rickey Smiley has been canceled in a couple of markets recently
  • Tom Joyner is getting older and he’s going through a messy divorce
  • Steve Harvey is burning the candle at both ends, how long can he do this
  • Michael Baisden lost New York as a market a few months back and now Philly

Could this mean the resurrection of local morning shows? We’ve gotten word from some radio notables that corporations are starting to look at local morning shows for some stations. Your thoughts?

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  1. What I believe it means is that the syndicated shows had too much influence on getting out the vote in November and now the Republicans that own “Corporate Radio” are trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again.They don’t care about local vs syndicated,all they care about is revenue,EXCEPT when the money makers can motivate people to not vote Republican.Then you get the axe REGARDLESS of how much revenue you generate.We know that syndicated is less expensive than carrying your own local crew,but it doesn’t matter if your politics doesn’t match that of ownership.They’d rather have less revenue and no Obama.We need to own our own media,radio AND television.

  2. I have felt for years that syndication was going to help take jobs away from local talent. Where are the next stars going to come from? I know of too many stations that have only ONE local personality daily.

    With syndicated morning, afternoon & sometimes nights how does new talent get an opportunity to develop? Get ready, cause it’s only going to get worse.

  3. I think people should really look in the wide view for a second and think about what might be around the corner if the fcc is able to sneak in a lifting of the ownership cap rule and how it will continue to disenfranchise women and minorities from owning media properties. in 1996 the telecommunications act was originally lobbied as a inroads for women and minorities to own media outlets of course history showed us otherwise, we would be foolish to not challenge this impending situation folks.

  4. Not that I hope he gets fired. But He and all syndication takes away from people with talent. Steve Harvey is an overrated comedian. Rickey Smiley show just blows. We don’t get on stage and tell jokes. Leave the radio to us who actually love it.. Give the power back to the jock. They were our ears and pulse on the community..

  5. I never saw the need for syndicated radio it sound too plastic and not real you can’t beat local talent
    I worked in radio for 30 years .

  6. I do believe radio syndication has gone overated. I remember when radio stations would only air syndicated radio programs on the weekends only. Now it’s on everyday. Morning and afternoon with guys like: Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey and now DL Hughley in the afternoons. Not having anything against these guys. They are good, but the local jocks need their time to shine as well.

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