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Arbitron Plans to Expand Cell-Phone-Only Sampling to All Markets in 2009

Major program to help improve sample quality especially among young adults;  
151 diary markets targeted to receive cell-phone-only sampling in Spring 2009 assuming completion of software to support rollout;   All markets except to be cell-phone sampled by Fall 2009

 Arbitron Inc . (NYSE: ARB) today announced that it plans to expand the of cell-phone-only sampling to 151 diary markets in Spring 2009 and to all markets (except Puerto Rico) by Fall 2009. This new implementation schedule significantly accelerates the company’s previously announced plan to introduce cell-phone-only sampling to 50 diary markets in Spring 2009 and to a total of 125 diary markets in Fall 2009.

“This is a substantial enhancement in sample quality and it demonstrates our ongoing commitment to improve the diary service. The Radio Advisory Council, the Diary Market Owner/Operator Caucus and the all supported the introduction of cell-phone-only sampling in diary markets,” said Pierre Bouvard, president, Sales and Marketing, Arbitron Inc. “ has been a recognized leader in only research and we’re pleased that for the second time in three months, we are able to speed up our plans for getting these households into our diary samples.” Arbitron plans to use an address-based sample frame as the foundation of its cell-phone-only sample, while maintaining the om-digit-dial (RDD) sample frame for land line .

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