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Anonymous PD Speaks: NY Radio, Syndication, Answers Email

 width=I think we all would love to take radio back to the days before syndication and have locally controlled shows around the clock.   The cost of doing business seems to make that impossible these days, but there are markets that still have plenty of live local bodies.   Not long ago, I spent a long weekend in the N.Y. market checking out NY radio.   I was really interested in checking out the morning shows. Both ’s utilize syndication….what a shame.

I can’t imagine waking up in New York and not getting a feel of what’s up in the largest city in America.   New York has such a great energy and in all honesty, Tom’s show on Kiss just doesn’t seem to fit.   Don’t get me wrong, if you’re an adult, the TJMS show will give you something you can start your day with but there is just no connection to the city itself. If I were involved in Tom’s show, I would find an upcoming New York comedian to join the show.   JB Smoove while not an up and coming guy, still always comes to mind.

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