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Anonymous PD Speaks: NY Radio, Syndication, Answers Email

 width=I think we all would love to take radio back to the days before syndication and have locally controlled shows around the clock.   The cost of doing business seems to make that impossible these days, but there are markets that still have plenty of live local bodies.   Not long ago, I spent a long weekend in the N.Y. market checking out NY radio.   I was really interested in checking out the morning shows. Both ’s utilize syndication….what a shame.

I can’t imagine waking up in New York and not getting a feel of what’s up in the largest city in America.   New York has such a great energy and in all honesty, Tom’s show on Kiss just doesn’t seem to fit.   Don’t get me wrong, if you’re an adult, the TJMS show will give you something you can start your day with but there is just no connection to the city itself. If I were involved in Tom’s show, I would find an upcoming New York comedian to join the show.   JB Smoove while not an up and coming guy, still always comes to mind.

’s show debuted on WBLS, but has since moved its base to Atlanta.   He has the advantage of being on television and ratings wise, seems to do well.   Let’s give these two shows a few months of head to head competition in N.Y. to see how long two syndicated UAC shows in the number one market perform.   I will say that both these shows leave me longing for the days of and Jeff Fox waking up .

I listened to both and .   Both stations give me that energy and N.Y. sound that I expected to hear.   is straight up New York, from the combination of talent to the content.   Power has the same type vibe, but after listening to a bit called “The Decision”, I have one bit of advice.   Get better actors.   Here’s the scenario I heard.   are welcomed to the show, one with the intention of confronting her best friend about sleeping with her man.   You’ve seen Jerry Springer and Maury Povich, so where was the passion?   Still, I did hang on through about 30 minutes of commercials and music to get the payoff, the guy involved, a third woman, and some eventual name calling and what I imagine was some curse words in Spanish.

Thanks for your response to this column, I now am going to take a few lines to respond to one such response.

Dear “You got it twisted,” You made four points in your email,

1. IF, you are only playing your POWERS once per hour you aren’t playing them

ME:   You confused Mainstream and UAC.   Most UAC’s play one power per hour.

2. IF, you only have 4 in the category and you are playing them 2 times per
hour they are going to remain in the same positions giving you a predictable

ME:   I wrote that I use at least two clocks per daypart, moving the song positions.   I also said it would depend upon how many powers you played in an hour.   If I play 3 powers in an hour, they don’t fall in the same position, they would actually be pushed 20 minutes later each hour, giving you just under a 90 minute rotation.

3. IF, you have 4 in the category and you play them 3 times per hour you are
rotating too fast causing burn-out.

ME:   If you would take the time to read, you would realize how you didn’t comprehend what was said.   I gave several scenarios for the number of songs in the category.

4. The correct number is a 5 song category playing 3 times per hour. This moves
the songs around but doesn’t spread them out too thin.

ME:   I understand you now, you use your corporate clocks and probably have never created clocks on your own.   No problem, but realize there are many ways to get to the finish line in this game.


ME:   Take the time to read and comprehend before responding next time.   You missed the small things that make what I suggested work.

Until next time…….

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