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  • We are a niche industry site targeting the urban industry with inside news, moves and information.
  • Radio Facts CEO kevin ross is a former radio programmer and DJ. Read more about him here
  • We have been serving the industry progressively since 1995
  • We have over 72,000 subscribers on our daily email blasts
  • We have an additional 9,000 FB fans who get our daily news and information as well as Twitter and Instagram presence.
  • We offer 728 x 90 and 300 x 250 banners that rotate on the site (depending on inventory) for the site
  • Our clients get an added benefit when the banners (non rotating) go on our daily email blasts.
  • We have a quarterly magazine that spotlights innovators and entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry and beyond.
  • The magazine is sent out to the industry and our mailing list free of charge. To see the last issue click here
  • We provide clients with an impression count (how many times their ad has been seen) after each campaign from the site (not including the email blasts) The average impression rate is over 100,000 times.

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