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8 Reason’s Why Tyrese’s Comment about President Obama and Oprah Are Unjust


Singer and actor Tyrese Gibson has been boldly making a name for himself for years. He started his career years ago running late for an audition for a Coca-Cola commercial that he actually won and his career has skyrocketed since. He’s recorded many great hit songs on RCA Records and he’s become an impressive actor appearing in a couple of major franchise blockbuster movies. It also appears that Tyrese may be headed towards an eventual political career or at best a leadership position within the black community as he has authored a New York Times Bestseller “How to Get out of Your own Way” and the new book Manology. Tyrese is targeting young black men with his book to step up to the plate, you won’t find many people in the black community to argue with that. Great job Tyrese.

Recently on WGCI’s morning show in Chicago, Tyrese noted that the massive homicide rate in Chicago was a major issue being ignored specifically by a two very big public figures who he deems should be representing the situation better than they are. President Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Tyrese alluded neither is doing enough to combat the problem.

We posted the story last week and MANY people agree with him but we’re not so sure… but we wanted to wait for a while to see if any opposing comments came in and many did but they were via private email from industry people who did not want to be identified. Many industry people are under the impression that they are stars outside of the industry (lol). Not so, nevertheless, these are the reasons we beg to differ with Mr. Gibson: (click “Next” above or below)

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  1. I agree, I support President Barack Obama and I like Oprah Winfrey but I really believe more needs to be done The blood of Black Children runs through the streets of our urban cities. My heart goes out to the victims of Sandy Hook, my heart goes out to Congresswoman Gabby Gifford, my heart goes out to the Aurora Theater murders but black kids have been dying everyday in our cities and no one has been jumping up and down. Sometimes I think that white life is valued more than black life. I have been doing videos and speaking out on my Youtube Channel for four years about gun control and how we must ban the NRA to begin the process of stopping Gun Violence in America. My channel is “Urbansuperhero” I record a DangerMan Moment everyday. Our babies are dying we must do something now!!!

  2. How come with this President, people are afraid to say, “what they need to say?” If this President was really concerned about innocent children being gunned down in the streets of Chicago or anywhere he would have done something about it long time ago. And don’t give me he’s got other things more pressing, really??? Children shot up in a classroom got his attention real quick and he still had those pressing problems he needed to take care of. Those killed in Chicago on the streets are still human beings that should deserve the same attention as those killled in a an area where you hear people say, “I can’t believe this happened in our neighborhood!”

  3. We keep waiting for someone to come and help us. We have to start with helping ourselves with small steps. What can a President or Oprah due to stop the violence in Chicago streets? I am listening. Parents and community is where they learn and grown; and they show you want they know.

  4. Please – you ” I Want Attention Actors ” need a Script that reads, You have not done your Political Homework, and that the words on your page does not describe your ability to get the Part – Please, research before you Open your feeble mouth to Call Time on the President or the Oprah… Where was your big mouth, when the White Presidents had the Seat??? Have Respect, You are not receiving any White House Memo’s at Alll…. Call Out the PARENTS!!!!!! The World Nor the President Obama, is not the low-life, non-raised trash that kill, kill and then go home to the theses people called Mother and Father… Call On Them Tyrese.;; You No Nothing; Write and Talk on what you know, UpFront & Personal.

  5. Why are we FIRST not holding parents responsible for their children actions. STOP looking for other people to help “us” …and as parents get into gear and parent your children.

    Oh, by the way…why are we listening to Tyrese!

  6. I think that we as Black People should first look at your house and get it in order than every black person should make better choices and stop looking for someone to save or lead us Lead your family and yourself .

    Children having children and not knowing anything about life is a bad combination.

    There are a lot of kids who are doing the right thing and then you have those who are lazy and ignorant who dont want a job or education but just want to live by that stupid code of the street which is fake and a fairy tale. Twent years in prison and then they become a burden to the stat.

  7. Tyrese is right, they should be doing more. The military should have been on the streets in Chicago regardless of what these parents say. I heard that parents did not want the military there. Get your kids in order then! I don’t live far from the city and afraid to go in fear of a stray bullet but I have placed my trust in God that he will shield me and my family from this wickedness. Obama didn’t have a problem stepping up and speaking for 20 million illegals in this country while black children are being killed by the hour almost. Oprah is busy doing other stuff in other countries, how about right in your backyard? I say continue to put the pressure on these so called black leaders and hold them accountable. Black people paved the way with the help of God, so that they could be where they are so never let them forget.

  8. I see both sides of this thought, but it boggles my mind that we broadcast school shootings with reverence and our President makes a statement and what not, but the same is not afforded to a community like Chicago where these wars on the streets are commonplace to kids who shouldn’t have to live in such conditions. I support Obama and he has a million other things to do, but I can see why Tyrese mentioned those two specifically, they both have ties to the state! however, parents have to be parents, communities and resources also should be available to aid in that process. the community village mentally was lost log ago and instead of the village raising the generation, they are are corrupted and robbed of a dream deferred! we the people have failed the children, and that includes Oprah, Obama, Tyrese alike. we can all stand up for what is right or die trying! My ancestors did that for me, and I’m in child welfare doing the same… by any means necessary!!!

  9. black folks needs to stop complaining, immigrants are taking over and doing a great job, we don’t need another march, another foucus group what we need is to remember what brought us this far. blacks are still singing we shall overcome, and christains still have Jesus on the cross. Enlighten yourself and move forward.

  10. When did it become the president of the US or Oprah’s responsibility to come into our homes and communities and raise our children. The community is made up of the people that live within it. The seed for the fruit is sown within the environment created by the parents.

    They create the environment that nurtures this foolishness that we see on the news.

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