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5 Inside Reasons Why Radio Sucks


by kevRoss kevin@radiofacts.com

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I cannot tell you how many emails and comments we get saying two words “Radio Sucks” and I can help but to think that most people don’t know WHY Radio Sucks. For this story, we’ll use so that we can explain further. It was once the ONLY outlet black people had to find out what was

happening in the community, sure there was Church (no comment) but radio had more far reaching ability. In addition it was the place white stations tuned in to to learn the styles and flow of black . Black radio was innovative and it was a force that CREATED the trends. Now black radio FOLLOWS the trends and while the ratings system claims radio is still extremely profitable, it is rare that I personally find ANYONE who can listen to today’s ANYWHERE longer than 2 minutes. It is the reason I myself, a radio will not work in today’s radio. It’s boring and regimented and are very MUCH aware of it. Come along on a quick with me where I take you into the inner-workings of radio and explain to you the REAL reasons radio sucks.

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