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2112 Is Revolutionizing the Chicago Music Industry and Beyond


Although Chicago represents the third largest market in the United States behind New York and LA, it still doesn’t scream entertainment industry.  Every major musician tours in Chicago because of the vast amount of exposure and record sales that generate from the city. Chicago even has a few legendary venues and artists that have gone on to bigger and better things.  When you think of the likes of Chaka Khan, Von Freeman, Jennifer Hudson, Common, Kanye West, Da Brat, Twista, Little Walter, Junior Wells, and even the emerging Chance the Rapper, Chitown has a lot to be proud of.  Even with those aforementioned artists, Chicago is not the music helm it should be.

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Hassahn is no stranger to the power of words. Just as Lebron took his talents to South Beach, the Chicago native has taken his talents to Hollywood and beyond. His ability to manipulate the English language has led to a career using his gift. He currently writes songs for TV/Film; he has co-written a book alongside Dr. Kerby T Alvy Ph.D; Hassahn produced and wrote DEMOs documentary film, and of course he scribes for Radio Facts on the daily.