YIKES, I mean WOW, I mean YIKES: Sherri Shepherd?

Written by Kevin Ross - August 7, 2009 at 4:35 am - Filed Under: URBAN , Urban/M - Urban/AC

Sherri Shepherd came down 10 dress sizes to a size 6… I thought a size 6 was small? There were some people who made some crude comments about Shepherds shape, like “she looks like a big-tittied dude” (stop laughing).. I thought that was incon… (I said stop laughing)… inconsiderate since she went through so much to drop the weight. Oh well, here is the new Sherri. sherri radiofacts.com

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  1. Brandi Shannon

    Girlfriend looks great, why do people take pleasure in giving out harsh words instead of kind. “Man in the mirror!”