YIKES: Jay Z and Beyonce Underdressed for Event (pics)

OK, we all know they are both filthy rich superstars but is there a level of class and responsibility that go with that? Perhaps some might say having that kind of money allows you certain privileges and without question, Jay Z probably has more money than all the men in the picture but I still can’t get used to people showing up in church dressed in T shirts, Jeans and Sneakers. OK, it was a press conference   “Answer The Call” Charity Concert – Press Conference at Madison Square Garden but Jay Z is the only one who is not dressed. To me, it just speaks volumes when you take the time to get dressed up for an event. Jay Z, mostly, looks odd here. Even industry celebrity superstar genius almighty record label extraordinaire legend… Kevin Liles got dressed for the event (laugh). What do you think?

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