Who Would Be the Best Replacement for Steve Harvey’s Radio Show? Our Picks

by Kevin Ross - Posted Thursday, February 9th, 2012. Category: URBAN

Urban radio is SCREAMING for an overhaul. Some fresh music and some fresh talent… especially in the mornings. Steve Harvey was an established comedian when he started his national radio show with Premiere Radio (owned by iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) Media) some years back. Harvey had tried to establish his radio brand with Radio One but things didn’t work out and in the end he stated “Radio One can Kiss My Entire Ass.” Tom Joyner’s Reach Media has taken Steve’s spot at Radio One but let’s face it, how much longer can either of them continue doing a morning show on so many stations in a youth driven industry. Steve is certainly prepared to make a nice exit but after he does, what will urban radio do? Perhaps look for a replacement but they won’t be able to bring someone in to build a show they have to bring someone in who is already established… I predict Steve will leave urban radio in a year maybe less. Here are our pics for the best candidates… (go to the next page link below)


  • Robin

    Really well done analysis Kevin!

  • Emily Mascarenhas-Bennett

    Wasn’t D.L.’s fault things didn’t work out in New York. 98.7 Kiss has had a couple of bad Program Directors. The current music sounds as if it should be playing in Georgia or Mississippi somewhere.