What Radio Corporations Get the Highest Ratings from Urban Radio Pros?

Written by KevRoss - October 31, 2012 at 2:12 am - Filed Under: URBAN

 width=As the leading urban industry trade and the only one worth reading,   (OK, I like to say things that shock people) we have heard MANY complaints about the major radio corporations. Everything from discrimination to working the employees like modern day slaves to extremely poor and clueless upper management in positions they are not suited for. Unfortunately the greatest complaints stem from the biggest corporations and the greatest compliments come from the smaller companies. In the past 10 years the corporations that appear to rank highest amongst urban radio people are: CBS Radio and Service Broadcasting. The ONLY complaint I have ever heard about Service Broadcasting is the carpet in the station needs to be replaced but nobody cares because they really know how to take care of urban radio employees. That’s not something that we hear too often. CBS Radio gets high marks simply because the people who work there really like the corporation. They are rarely in the news for layoffs or major staff changes for urban and to date we have heard no complaints.


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