WAKS-FM Addition to Arbitrons PPM Cleveland Market

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Survey: Arbitron October 2012, Arbitron September 2012, Arbitron August 2012
Geography: Metro
Stations: User Selected
Demo: Persons 6+
Daypart: Monday-Sunday 6a-midnight
Population: Avg Daily: OCT12 1,911,400; SEP12 1,917,400; AUG12 1,917,400   Avg Weekly: OCT12 1,911,400; SEP12 1,917,400; AUG12 1,917,400
Intab: Avg Daily: OCT12 1,157; SEP12 1,182; AUG12 1,179   Avg Weekly: OCT12 1,027; SEP12 1,024; AUG12 1,033
 Station  Estimates  AUG12  SEP12  OCT12
1 WAKS-FM Average Share 4.8 4.8 4.6
1 WAKS-FM Weekly Cume Persons 467,200 451,900 459,200

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