Tyler Perry Lays Hands on TD Jakes with Convincing Testimony

Kevin Ross | Posted Monday, September 2nd, 2013 - Category: URBAN

As most of you know I don’t believe in the black church or religion but I know when a higher power or God is present in someone and I’m convinced from this video that tyler perry is being moved by something greater than himself mostly because I could feel it. With his horrific upbringing of abuse and his 180% turn-a-round stellar success, most people with an upbringing like his would have given up. There is nevertheless that fork in the road we all come up against that asks us which way we want to go. As a mogul DESPITE Hollywood’s extreme resistance against his chance to shine, the man had to have something to believe in . Keep in mind, “it’s not about race” (and if you believe that you will also believe the sun never shines too). Congrats to Mr. Perry

  • Abrille Dixon

    Good to know even non-believers felt it. I am a believer and I felt it too!!!! So, now do you believe???

    • http://www.radiofacts.com Kevin Ross

      I have always “believed” in a higher power. I just don’t believe in the Black Church, preachers, ministers, Bishops or religion.