Top 10 Things We Can Learn from Ne-Yo

Hassahn Liggins | Posted Sunday, March 24th, 2013 - Category: URBAN

Neyo1The man known to his mother as Shaffer Chimere Smith and to the world as Ne-Yo has definitely made a significant impact on the industry as a singer, songwriter, actor, and now label executive. Whether he is accepting a Grammy Award, putting on a show-stopping performance, flying high above the sky in RedTails, or signing artists to Motown, or running his label, Compound University, Ne-Yo is obviously not settling for the standard 15 minutes of fame this industry tends to offer. It seems as if his talents are limitless and he still has much more he can accomplish as he continues on the upswing in this journey we call life. With that being said, welcome to the Top 10 things we can learn from Ne-Yo. (For the Top 10 Things We Can Learn for Ne-Yo, click next.)

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