The Undeniable Top 12 Best Black Female Singers of All Time?

by Mr. Kev - Posted Monday, January 30th, 2012. Category: Top 10 Features

Aretha Franklin

aretha The Undeniable Top 12 Best Black Female Singers of All Time?

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  1. Emily Mascarenhas-Bennett

    Most of those women didn’t write songs in the 1960s. If they did, those BMI Writers and Publishers checks would be nuts today.

    You should add soul/disco singer Loleatta Holloway. Her voice was crazy.

  2. Tonya Gipson

    Jennifer Lopez is not Black and I can’t believe you could compile a list like this and not include Nina Simone. Have you lost your mind?

  3. Mike

    Aretha wrote many songs and some of her own hits..”Think”, “Day Dreaming”, “Rock Steady”, “Since You Been Gone”, all sold well over a million copies each plus she wrote “Call Me” and “Dr. Feelgood”..

  4. Lynn

    I think Jennifer Hudson and Oleta Adams belong on that list somewhere, although I can’t deny that for the most part it’s a pretty good lineup.

  5. Andre Michael Eggelletion

    Great list… much respect to the wonderful singers you’ve listed; I just have to add a few you have overlooked: Ella Fitzgerald (the best female vocalist I’ve ever heard), Billie Holliday, and Sarah Vaughn. Not to mention Lena Horne, Shirley Bassey, Joesphine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, Ethel Waters, Mahalia Jackson, and Pearl Bailey.

  6. mario

    this list is incomplete to me if Anita fuckin Baker aint on it re you crazy!!!!!!!!!! minnie ripperton, kim burrell, Sade, Shirley murdock definitely deserve honorable mentions and teena marie might be white but she aint no punk

  7. Tammy Hurt

    Who complied this list? I understand you wish to pay homage to a few legends, where is Mahalia Jackson or Tina Turner if that’s what you’re doing? I read a few comments about those writing their own material….I don’t think that’s what the writer is trying to convey because ‘singer’ is the key word! Are you considering record sales? If so, then Beyonce should be on there (even tho I don’t think she’s a contender but she has paid her dues)! Also HOW IN THE WORLD could you not include Lisa Fisher, Minni Ripperton, Angela Bofill and Heather Headly? When you say undeniable you mean undisputed or incapable of being denied…correct? Well I can dispute a few of your choices. When I think of a black female that sing….I think quality!

  8. Jan

    Angela Winbush, Angela Bofill, Randy Crawford, Sharon Bryant from Atlantic Starr. I never thought of Jennifer Lopez as a singer nor as blaci

  9. Bo

    What happened to Anita Baker, Stephanie Mills, Sade, Minnie Ripperton and Ella Fitzgerald should be in the top three. Its obvious the compiler of this list do not really pay attention to black female artist,,,,,Jennifer Lopez, why not Bonnie Raitt also.

  10. Leilani

    How could you leave the legendary Toni Braxton off the list I mean come on! I’m also shocked that Anita Baker was ignored as well SMH!

  11. Phat Man

    I get the Jennifer Lopez joke. I immediately knew something was wrong when I saw her name (LOL). I’ve read some of the suggestions that others have entered above and have to admit that many were good singers, but we are talking about the greatest of all time here, so being good is not good enough for this list. Here are some glaring omissions from your list. Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn raised the standard from everyone that preceded them, and set the standard for everyone that followed them. Dinah Washington is simply the most versatile singer ever (black, white, male or female). Check out some of her music and I’m sure you will agree. She could sing anything. Stephanie Mills would run several of your “top 12″ off the stage. She would definitely be in any top 10 list I came up with. And While I’m not sure she would make my top 10 list (definitely my top 20), I would also have to mention Teena Marie. Now I know y’all will say she’s white, but she truely loved and fully embraced our culture and gave us some of the most soulful music of a generation. Because of this, many whites dispised her and refuse to give her her props. In many ways Teena was one of us, so i feel she deserves honorable mention.

  12. Phat Man

    Ok, so I thought about this some more and realized that I forgot some others that definitely deserve consideration. Lauren Hill as both a singer and a songwriter needs to be atleast considered for any such list; maybe the top 20? Maysa Leak is in my opinion the greatest singer on the planet right now, she just can’t seem to get any airplay on these highly restrictive radio formats we have now. Adreana Evans, the best singer you probably have not heard of. She has the voice of an angel; seriously. I agree with the person who mentioned Angela Winbush. Also Angela Bofill. My gosh, how could I have forgotten ROBERTA FLACK? Definitely a top 10 consideration!!

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