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Radio Facts: The Undeniable 10 Best Rappers of All Time

Written by KevRoss - November 14, 2012 - Top 10 Features URBAN


Notorious BIG

10 Best Rappers:  Its all good baby baby! Yes, the one and only Notorious BIG is next on our list and it is well deserved. Although he only released two albums in his lifetime, like his former friend/counterpart, he too left an incredible legacy and left his fans wanting more after his untimely death.  BIG was witty, clever, a remarkable story teller, and as he stated, he was, “Black and ugly as ever, however …” he stayed Coogi down to the socks and the ladies absolutely adored him. Some have labeled, “Ready to Die” and “Life after Death” as classic albums. Just to think that most of that material on both albums wasn’t even written down. BIG like a few others had that uncanny ability to remember all his lyrics in his head without ever writing them down.  ‘t that wasn’t enough, he definitely had his fair share of rap battles and many people argue the Brooklyn native is the absolute greatest to ever do it. If they make a movie about you, well then, that says it all.




  1. j rap

    Same ole same old school east coast bias. Its all a matter of opinion. Ask people from the south and the list would be totally different. Even the your east coast fans would have a different list.

    • Hassahn

      Its funny your say that. Actually a panel chose these rappers. The panel consisted of a DJ from North Carolina. A Texas based Hip Hop magazine owner. A Chicago producer. A St. Louis female fan of hip-hop, An Australian rapper, A Chicago based freelance music writer, a West Coast radio personality, and a female R&B songwriter from the Bay. We started with a list of 50 rappers and narrowed it down from there.

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