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Radio Facts: The Undeniable 10 Best Rappers of All Time

Written by KevRoss - November 14, 2012 - Top 10 Features URBAN



10 Best Rappers:  Tupac Shakur, the son of a Black Panther and arguably the most influential rap artist of all time deserves his spot in the top 10. This controversial rapper represented the true contradiction that exists within all men. One minute he was telling the sisters to “Keep Ya Head Up” and then the next minute hew was asking them, “How Do You Want It.” That balance is why so many in the game loved, emulated, and even hated this proverbial icon. With more albums released in his death than in his short lifetime, it goes to show you how much he influenced people. Tupac was a scholar, warrior, thug, intellect, activist, and confused soul rolled up into to one.  The words out of his mouth along with great media hype was one of the main factors that started a coastal beef that played its part in ending the rapper/actors short life. His words were powerful and continue to resonate with all those that love him. You know you are a bad man when the design college courses based on the words you wrote.



  1. j rap

    Same ole same old school east coast bias. Its all a matter of opinion. Ask people from the south and the list would be totally different. Even the your east coast fans would have a different list.

    • Hassahn

      Its funny your say that. Actually a panel chose these rappers. The panel consisted of a DJ from North Carolina. A Texas based Hip Hop magazine owner. A Chicago producer. A St. Louis female fan of hip-hop, An Australian rapper, A Chicago based freelance music writer, a West Coast radio personality, and a female R&B songwriter from the Bay. We started with a list of 50 rappers and narrowed it down from there.

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