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Radio Facts: The Undeniable 10 Best Rappers of All Time

Written by KevRoss - November 14, 2012 - Top 10 Features URBAN



10 Best Rappers:  He met this girl when she was ten  years old, and what he loved about her, she had so much soul. Well it seems as if Common is still in love with H.E.R. After creating one the most classic Hip Hop songs of all time, I Used to Love H.E.R, the Chitown native has gone on to create at least two classic albums in “Resurrection” and “Be,” according to Hip Hop aficionados. Possessing some the best metaphors and a balance of knowledge, consciousness, and street savvy, the Chi-town emcee has now gone on to become an actor.  Yet, we can always count on Common to come back to H.E.R has he now finds himself a member of Kanye’s GOOD Music family and he still delivers on song an off the top of the dome with a impeccable prowess for free styling. Common is also responsible for making Ice Cube and more recently Drake understand that he is quite the battle rapper as well.If that wasn’t enough, Jay-Z gave him a shout out in his song “Moment of Clarity” where he virtually says he would rather rap like “Common Sense.”




  1. j rap

    Same ole same old school east coast bias. Its all a matter of opinion. Ask people from the south and the list would be totally different. Even the your east coast fans would have a different list.

    • Hassahn

      Its funny your say that. Actually a panel chose these rappers. The panel consisted of a DJ from North Carolina. A Texas based Hip Hop magazine owner. A Chicago producer. A St. Louis female fan of hip-hop, An Australian rapper, A Chicago based freelance music writer, a West Coast radio personality, and a female R&B songwriter from the Bay. We started with a list of 50 rappers and narrowed it down from there.

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