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The Radio Facts Top 10 Best Black Singing Groups of All Time


Well, here we go again. I am already seeing the comments that say things like: “Are you kidding me, why isn’t so and so here…?” Probably because you didn’t vote for them (lol). The urban radio and music industry cast these votes folks NOT Kevin or and staff member from Radio Facts. Leave your comments and ENJOY…

10. Frankie Beverly and Maze



  1. Was the list in order? I hope not! Based on success, leaving off the Four Tops, Miracles, and Kool and the Gang is laughable. They were more successful than New edition, Rufus and Maze by a lot. The lack of female groups is also glaring. The Jackson 5 are the only group on here that actually sold out stadiums. I also assume “All time” means the Rock era and excludes the Mills Brothers and Ink Spots. However the idea of the list is a great one. Based on record sales the list is not accurate.

  2. you ,who ever you are/is, cant be serious . the temptations 2????
    listen to temptions with a whole loto soul album and you will chang your ranking

  3. In my opinion the Jackson Five were the black Beatles they are the prototype for every boy band that followed. I was surprised, and dissapointed that Sly and the Family Stone did not make the list.


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