The Biggest Radio Facts Stories of 2012

Written by KevRoss - December 21, 2012 at 4:39 am - Filed Under: URBAN

Lauryn Hill

The Biggest Radio Facts Stories of 2012

Here we are at year’s end and we tallied up the BIGGEST stories of the year. We put them in order by page views from #1 on down so Whitney Houston in Casket is the top story of the year with the MOST page views. We did not include many of our top 10s for various reasons’ mostly because we are not trying to give industry competitors a heads up on what brings in the biggest numbers but we can tell you many of our top 10s did place here, we just didn’t list them.   If you want to read the original story, click the title or the link above the story. To that end, unless major news comes up, we are officially on vacation. We look forward to a GREAT new year with some big surprises!!! Stay tuned. Have an AMAZING Christmas and a prosperous New Year. (click the “Next” button)


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