The 10 Best Cities to Find Jobs in 2013

Written by KevRoss - January 4, 2013 at 4:28 am - Filed Under: Of Interest , URBAN

The 10 Best Cities to Find Jobs in 2013

Source: The Money Journal

Looking for the best place to live to work? There are some US cities that just have stronger economics than most others even in tough economic times like the one we are currently experiencing. Cities that have bigger hospitals, schools and manufacturers also tend to lean towards greater job opportunities. Here are 10 of those cities..

Hartford, Connecticut


With just over two individuals for each advertised job, Hartford is a great city with lots of career opportunities. Several large corporations like United Technologies, an aerospace and technology company, and Hartford Financial Services Group are based in Hartford and serve as the top employers in the city. Aetna health insurance is another company headquartered in Hartford.

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