Tavis Smiley Appears on Sean Hannity to Further Attack Obama

Written by KevRoss - September 15, 2011 at 9:48 am - Filed Under: URBAN

Tavis is running out of media resources on the black end (Steve Harvey, Al Sharpton and Tom Joyner) so he has evidently been forced to reach out to the opposition. He was on Hannity’s show with a goal of promoting his PBSspecial about the special problems facing black boys in our education system which I must admit, he DID address and he was correct in the way he addressed it. But Hannity covered up his lack of interest in the issue by playing a brief clip from the special and saying, “Before we get to that which I think we’re going to agree on, so let’s start with the point at which we disagree. I think Barack Obama’s failed as president.”

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