YIKES, I mean WOW, I mean YIKES: Sherri Shepherd?

Sherri Shepherd came down 10 dress sizes to a size 6… I thought a size 6 was small? There were some people who made some crude comments about Shepherds shape, like “she looks like a big-tittied dude” (stop laughing).. I…

YIKES: Tom Joyner

Filed Under: Aflac Duck OK, I’m just joking…. I like Tom, is he training the next Tom Joyner yet? Picture was taken at a bad angle…. (photo credit wireimage)

LOOK: Lil Kim, Chris Brown and Diddy too

White Party: Sean “Diddy” Combs, Ashton Kutcher And Malaria No More Host The White Party – Inside Private Residence Beverly Hills, CA Shawn Wayans and Friend Diddy and Chris Brown

YIKES: Bobby Brown

Filed Under: Baby gone in there and cook me some grits! GONE NA!!!

YIKES: Chasity Bono

The daughter of the famous couple Sonny and Cher has decided to have reassignment surgery to become a man. (That is no joke) Problem is, every doctor that she has gone to immediately tells her “No surgery required!!!” (that is…

YIKES: Phil Spector Sans Wiglet

Now that he is a ward of the California state prison system, convicted producer/murderer Phil Spector has been forced to surrender his external physical attachments. As seen in the below mug shot, the 69-year-old Spector’s now loo

YIKES: Little Richard

Little Richard is indeed a pioneer and a revolutionary music figure. It was revealed that he had purchased and wore for this performance, all make-up within a 10 mile radius of Los Angeles. He performed at BB Kings in LA…

Red Alert????

As you know, radio and industry people are automatically excused from the popular “YIKES” list.

YIKES: Kelly Clarkson

The former American Idol winner at an event this past weekend looking a hot, holy mess.