Law #43456 Butt Sniffing in Public (vid)

Filed Under: Is this one of (fill in this space with a radio corporation) overpaid and dated corporate employees satisfying a job description? (can’t stop laughing) Most people have a lot to do during the day, taking the kids to…

YIKES: Jasmine Guy

Here’s Jasmine yesterday at The Thurgood Marshall College Fund 22nd Annual Anniversary Dinner at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers. Jasmine has been through something, she looks like Prince


YIKES: Donatella Versace… or Keith Richards?

Donatella has had the great misfortune of thinking plastic surgery was the answer to maintaining Hollywood youth. The process of having plastic surgery has become less appealing to Hollywood’s elite after the death of Kanye West’s mother and results like…

YIKES: Jay Z and Beyonce Underdressed for Event (pics)

OK, we all know they are both filthy rich superstars but is there a level of class and responsibility that go with that? Perhaps some might say having that kind of money allows you certain privileges and without question, Jay…