YIKES: Kidd Kraddick’s Deathbed Confession Radio bit Just Days Prior to his Death

This brings new meaning to the saying “There’s power in the tongue.” A fan stated this was a bit that was done the Monday before Kraddick died of a heart attack.


Lark Voorhies from Saved By the Bell Today (vid)

UNSUNG REVIEW: Vesta (Williams) Premieres Jan 2, 2012

      UNSUNG: Vesta 012, check local showtimes on TVOne for Listings I have to admit, I was excited about watching this episode and at the same time I didn’t want to see it. I thought it would be…


YIKES: Dr. Laura

This is how Dr. Laura looks without the usual 19 pounds of makeup.   Looks like somebody put a wig on a dead tree. Some groups are taking her N-word rant so seriously, they want her off the air. No…


KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Radio One Selling Stations?/Harvey New Co Host?/Stations Hiring?/I Just Saw Montana Fishburne

I hear that Steve  Harvey loves doing his radio gig and has no plans of leaving but will his growing schedule allow him that privilege?   Sources have informed me that Premiere has set up a makeshift studio in Steve’s…


YIKES: Ex Porn Star Exposes the Porn Industry: Porn Stars Think they are as big as Rappers?

Great interview, bad audio.. but this former porn star reveals what REALLY goes on behind the cameras. For those who don’t believe in religion, sorry, couldn’t edit that part.


YIKES: Guy’s Arm BREAKS while Arm Wrestling on TV (shocking vid)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I would have been screaming like a beyotch.

Radio Facts Slang Definitions Defined

Law #43456 Butt Sniffing in Public (vid)

Filed Under: Is this one of (fill in this space with a radio corporation) overpaid and dated corporate employees satisfying a job description? (can’t stop laughing) Most people have a lot to do during the day, taking the kids to…


YIKES: Donatella Versace… or Keith Richards?

Donatella has had the great misfortune of thinking plastic surgery was the answer to maintaining Hollywood youth. The process of having plastic surgery has become less appealing to Hollywood’s elite after the death of Kanye West’s mother and results like…

YIKES/Can't Stop Laughing! Anchor tells Weatherman WHAT? (vid)

What the anchor says is not half as funny as the black woman’s facial expression. He tells him to “Keep Fooking that Chicken.”