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LOOK! It’s Tom Joyner and Jaheim

Oh oh oh, it’s Tom Joyner and Jaheim as they pose for the fans after JAHEIM ‘s performance at the “Family Reunion” this Holiday weekend. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAILING LIST


1073 JAMZ Celebrates an Epic Weekend

It was a busy weekend for WJMZ, 107.3 JAMZ! Saturday, Johnny Gill joined the crew for “SHE” 107.3 JAMZ & Summit Media’s Women’s Expo & Saturday afternoon was the 21st ever Battle of the Bands in Greenville, SC hosted by…


Question from RF Reader: Why are Black DJs Disposable?

Kevin, A recent story you ran about Funk Flex caught my attention.  For the past 20 years, I have always questioned Radio’s Senior Execs as to why Black format personalities don’t have value after successfully building their brands were they…


BET Awards to Honor Tom Joyner

Since the 1990’s, philanthropist Tom Joyner has been the well-known and loved radio host of The Tom Joyner Show which pulls in over 8 million ears across the nation. In 19989, as an homage to his roots, he created the…

Tony Sculfield

Tony Sculfield Replaces Ramonski Luv at SOUL 106.3

After letting go of Ramonski Luv, Soul 106.3 has already found his replacement. Monday, June 15, 2015 Chicago veteran radio host and comedian Tony Sculfield will join the cluster of local talent on Chicago’s R&B 106.3 FM. Sculfield will take…


KEVSUM: Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise Review

FYI “Kevsum” equals Kev’s Summary. This past week, I took a MUCH needed vacation. Actually, the first REAL vacation in 20 years of running my own business and an incredible 20th Anniversary gift. This was the very first time I…