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OH NO: SiriusXM to Launch “Real Housewives Radio”

SiriusXM to Launch “Real Housewives Radio” All three seasons of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and interviews with cast members from New Jersey, New York City, Atlanta and Orange County to air on 48-hour channe New Jersey Housewife…


OH NO Cross Dresser was the Fifth Male Allegedly Involved with Eddie Long (vid)

Word is that this is the guy that came along and made Eddie Long’s attorneys IMMEDIATELY settle the case. While he was never mentioned he did get a settlement. The recordings, the pictures and the styling were NOT cheap so…


OH NO: Syndication Taking over in UK TOO!

Radio Facts 2010 Year in Review: Scandals and Big News, Arrests, Scandals and Embarrassments

Radio Facts Year in Review for 2010. Biggest mistakes and lessons learned the hard way all here. (Click “Next” above or below for next segment) OH NO: Tavis Smiley Ends State of the Black Union Series! What will the celebrities…

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OH NO: X Rated Vintage Blues Singer Audio Found (audio)

This has to be one of the earliest “dirty” records on record. I have no idea who this woman is but in the song, she talks about her “cock.” Let’s explore that for a minute this morning…. shall we? It’s…


OH NO: Charlie Murphy Booed off Stage (vid)

To be honest, I never thought Charlie Murphy was very funny as a stand up comic. He was great on Dave Chappelle but that was pretty much the extent. In this video he bombs on stage at a college and…


Look at this Unacceptable Cox Billboard (Must See)

This is what happens when a corporation hires marketing companies that toss all the resumes of black cand idates…. (which is about 99% of them)(lol). What do they need black people to promote black product for…they beg… and THIS my…


UNSUNG REVIEW: George Clinton