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Full Cosby Exchange With AP on Allegations - YouTube [360p] thumbnail

Bill Cosby is Probably Relieved

The desperation in Bill Cosby’s voice as he asked the reporter not to include the segment about him stating no comment on the rape allegations and the calm demeanor of his wife Camille spoke volumes. How many times has Bill…

solange and jules

Solange Dances with son Jules at her Wedding

From all the pics on line, this looks like it was a great wedding…Solange dances with son Jules to  – No Flex Zone. source Vimeo  Subscribe in a reader E-mail Industry News Tips – We protect your privacy

harry belofonte

Harry Belafonte’s Powerful Speech on Race (vid)

What an incredible speech and such great dedication. Harry Belafonte has always been an advocate for social justice . In 1935, at the age of 8, sitting in a Harlem theater, I watched with awe and wonder incredible feats of…


Urban Jock Exits Station after 11 Years

Let the free agency period begin: Will I take my talents and return home? Or will I keep my talents on South Beach? Nevertheless, I had a great 11 years at WEDR 99 JAMZ. I did everything that was asked…


Tyler Perry’s Explanation of Stalker

Talk about strange occurrences – Tyler Perry posted a story on his website that is straight out of a classic stalker movie. The story isn’t a synopsis for one of his upcoming films or TV shows; this story is real as…


Aloe Blacc Puts Spotify on the Spot, Takes Stand for Songwriters

“IN RETURN FOR CO-WRITING A MAJOR HIT SONG, I’VE EARNED LESS THAN $4,000 DOMESTICALLY FROM THE LARGEST DIGITAL MUSIC SERVICE.” Those aforementioned lines say it all. These are the words of singer/songwriter Aloe Blacc, who proclaimed in his hit song,…

black radio dj

Urban Radio DJs Lack Leverage and Opportunity

Finding inspiration Being a DJ on most urban radio stations today is far too challenging, confusing and contradictory.  As a radio pro and a business owner there are aspects of both sides that I get but imagine if your boss told you…