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Derrick Rose Powerade

What Else Chicago Loses with the Derrick Rose Trade

  Tupac once wrote, “You see you wouldn’t ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petals. On the contrary, we would all celebrate its tenacity. We would all love it’s will to reach the sun. Well,…

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ASCAP Hosts First Break Bread Networking Event of 2014

The producer/writer relationship in music is where the magic happens so to speak.  I highly recommend that any artist, writer, and producer attend as many quality networking functions as possible.  ASCAP’s Break Bread series is an excellent one to attend….


NFL Player Roy Simmons, Who Later Came Out Dies

Radio Facts is sad to report the death of Roy Simmons. He was an American football player who played for the National Football League. He played Guard for the New York Giants and then with the Washington Redskins during Super…