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Let us Pray, Black Woman Church Twerks (vid)

Is she doing this with the help of the lord? How do they find time to judge others?  Subscribe in a reader E-mail Industry News Tips – We protect your privacy


WPHI Philly Cleans House New Format

WPHI in Philly has let go of the air staff and is trying the Classic Hip Hop Format Boom Radio in the market. We will keep you posted of staff announcements.    Subscribe in a reader E-mail Industry News Tips…

Surround Yourself With The Right People in Business

Over the last few months I have been doing many beta tests. Not only on my online business but the company that I keep through my business which is outrageously important for your personal growth. Not surprisingly, I have found…


Justin Bieber talks “Biebermania” for Billboard

“He causes riots everywhere he goes, and my Mom loves him almost as much as I do!” sputters a blonde girl in a bubble-gum pink sweater, flanked by two other breathless tweens. You’d have to be on a serious pop-culture…

Bishop Noel Jones has New show on LA's KJLH

KJLH has opened up the programming to let local churches in at various times during the week. World reknowned Bishop Noel Jones has a new show on the station called “Real Talk.”

POLL: What Should I do with Radio Facts in 2010?

OK, here’s your one and only chance to tell me what you think I should do. It is around this time of the year that I open up my mind and let you tell me what you think of the…

YIKES: Jasmine Guy on Monique

Jasmine has not aged very well at all. The audience’s OVER reaction to her indicates they were coached. Is the show having a hard time finding bigger names? Let Monique win that Oscar and you will see her guest list…

Frank Ski has Re-signed with V103.. BUT

I just realized you have to be careful how you use that word cause it’s spelled the same but can mean 2 things that are totally opposite of each other. Re-signed means to re-up and Resigned means to quit. In…