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The honorable Bishop Noel Jones

Bishop Noel Jones Hospitalized

Bishop Noel Jones has been released from the hospital citing back and heart problems. His doctor told him to take it light but Jones insisted on preaching this past Sunday. Jones is said to be under immense pressure from the…


RF Profile: DJ DimePiece “The Mixin’ Vixen”

Occasionally, a dj or jock comes across my desk that I am impressed with, LOVE those who think outside the box. DimePiece works for WGCI in Chicago and she’s from LA (but of course) she attended Fisk University and she…


Brand Expert Sheila Coates Talks to Blog Wallet

Brand Ambassador Sheila Coates Talks to Blog Wallet Blog Wallet talked to Sheila Coates recently. Coates is considered to be one of the best in the business of branding and this description from her site says it best. Sheila Coates,…

It's Time to Hire an Assistant When….

              For many years I did MOST of the work in my business myself. I didn’t trust other people to run my business the way I wanted them to do it and I thought…


The Death Of The "Exclusive"

Many of us can still remember those days of rushing to the record store to pick up the hottest and newest 12″ vinyl. If you were like me you probably spent all your lunch money ever week at the local…


Use Your Experience To Grow Your Brand

Everyone that I associate with is an entrepreneur. BUT only 2 of them are TRUE entrepreneurs. You may ask what a true entrepreneur is, it is someone who is not afraid to grow and to take his or her experience…

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Mitch Faulkner

Program Manager KZWA FM lake Charles LA
Saturday Morning Show Host
Imaging vice for 64 Radio Stations in the US 9 stations outside of the US to include Jamaica, Bahama, Nigeria Africa, London England, Canada, Brazil

Over 30 years of radio experience and voice over for numerous clients to include AEG, Tyler Perry, Universoul Circus, Advance Auto Parts, Concert tours, Retail and corporate voice overs.


Mario White

A 20 years radio production and management specialist. After 13 years in local radio I have spent the last 7 years in syndicated radio. The shows include The Mo’nique show, Michael Baisden and Tom Joyner with companies such as Service Broadcasting, Reach Media, Syndication One, ABC Radio and AURN. My work has been featured in all of the major radio markets from LA, NY, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami and many parts of Canada. All the while working dual shifts on the local level as promotions coordinator and production director.