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Black Girl Fired from Zoo for “Racist” Statement on FaceBook?

This girl stated on her FaceBook page that she was “at work serving these rude ass white people.” News 4 in LA titled the story “Zoo Employee’s “Extremely Racist” Facebook Post Sparks Outrage.”  Is calling someone “white” racist? Is calling…


Radio Facts Podcast Seeks Producer

The Radio Facts Podcast is returning as a weekly show in June with Kevin “Kevross” Ross as the host and various co-hosts. We are looking for a producer who is not afraid to think outside the box and help us…


Snoop Dogg stops by Real 92.3

Rapper Snoop Dogg stopped by to say hello to the new radio Mayor in LA Doc Wynter. Don’t forget to read the great interview with Doc in the new issue of Radio Facts magazine. On your desks next week.


Real 92.3 Wins Big Boy

Looks like iHeartMedia has won Big Boy over Emmis’ Power 106 who was hoping a judge would continue an injunction to keep the LA vet off the air while they forged ahead with their lawsuit, Emmis going up against behemoth…



BIPARTISAN COALITION VOICES SUPPORT FOR PRO-LOCAL RADIO RESOLUTION WASHINGTON, DC — Ninety-four Members of the House of Representatives signed on as original co-sponsors of a bipartisan resolution that opposes “any new performance fee, tax, royalty, or other charge” on local…


“Empire:” Writers Help Round out Winning Concept

No matter what the naysayers say about image, (some of us are NEVER satisfied) Empire is still climbing the charts as an out-of-the-box smash and last night Fox News in LA showed a couple of the writers behind the show….

Doc Wynter talks to Radio Facts about New LA Station and Position

As we suspected there’s been a change in Los Angeles radio with iHeartMedia’s new “Real 92.3” The station is starting from scratch on Friday (2/6/15) and will be playing all hip hop and R&B music, branding as “The all new Real 92.3.”…