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New York Market Radio Association Announces New Report

New York Market Radio Association is proud to announce the debut of the NYMRAD Quarterly State of the Market Report, beginning with 2nd Quarter 2015. The comprehensive analysis of the New York marketplace is designed to help advertisers understand Radio’s…

Google Has a New Home and it’s Called Alphabet

Google is now a household name. It is also a noun but used as verb in many cases when people say stuff like, “Google it” in reference to looking up something. Everyone knows Google.  Well, say goodbye to Google! Actually…


TV One is the Saving Grace for Radio One’s 2nd Quarter

Radio One, Inc. reported its results for the quarter ended June 30, 2015 and I guess the sky isn’t falling after all but there is some concern. With the recent Radio One layoffs in the ATL, Radio One is definitely is…


Bobbi Kristina Has Died

You can’t help but to feel for Bobbi Kristina Brown. She saw a lot, perhaps too much in her younger years and had to be devastated when her mother, one of the biggest stars in the world Whitney Houston, died….


Ryan Seacrest Extends and Expands Agreement with iHeartMedia

iHeartMedia announced that it has extended and expanded its agreement with Ryan Seacrest, the nationally-celebrated media and entertainment entrepreneur, radio personality, television host and producer, and unmatched creative talent, reflecting the impact that he continues to have on the company’s…


Erykah Badu Gives Chicago a Taste of Baduizm

Once the summer finally decides to show up in Chicago, it is literally one the best places in the country to check out a good show. Allow me to set the scene: Imagine a downtown landscape where skyscrapers tower above…


10 things to do BY 35 you’ll be GLAD you did at 50!

This is specifically for people in and out of the industry under 35 because you are not yet stuck in your ways and afraid of change. While it may seem like it will take forever to get from the age…