Samantha Jordan Leaving KTRH/Houston, Heading For WDBO/Orlando

KevRoss | Posted Sunday, June 17th, 2012 - Category: Industry News, Of Interest, URBAN
  •  width=CLEAR CHANNEL News-Talk KTRH-A/HOUSTON Web Reporter SAMANTHA JORDAN is exiting a hire on JUNE 26th after dual years to join COX MEDIA GROUPTalk WDBO-A-F/ORLANDO as Reporter/Anchor.JORDAN tells ALL ACCESS, “ORLANDO is my home. I’ve got all my friends and family there and it feels good to be means to have this event to work with an extraordinary news hire in a city we grew adult in.

    “I conclude all that KTRH has finished for me. They brought me to a vital marketplace where we schooled profitable lessons and we will skip a group that I’ve worked with each day.”


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