Rush Limbaugh States: “I am the Reason the Republican Party Lost” (audio)

Written by KevRoss - November 19, 2012 at 8:24 am - Filed Under: URBAN

Rush Limbaugh States: “I am the Reason the Republican Party Lost” (audio)

We find this talking boar such an insult to talk radio. He has the answer to everything except how to accept defeat, Oh, he even has an answer for that, he refused to take responsibility for his part in destroying the reputation of the republican part. Actually, he’s right about that, he didn’t “destroy” the reputation he enhanced it by shoving it down our throats every weekend direct from Premiere Radio Networks, a company we just don’t like either. Mr. Snork Snork has spent the last four years oinking and simmering in his own fecal slop about President Obama in his deepest hopes that our beloved current president would only have one term. Mission NOT accomplished. What’s a yacking Pig to do? You will have to ask the obese pink one as we sleep during his show. The question is will his show last another four years.
A guest on Meet the Press, republican strategist Steve Schmidt expresses why republican’s lost in 2008 and what he says is exactly the truth and it’s what happened in 2012.

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